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jeudi 3 octobre 2013


  Podcasts are now, and since several years already, a part of my life. My phone automatically downloads new episodes, deletes older ones, and when I have a moment I just Start the playlist, and it automatically gives me something interesting to listen to. 
  Since a few weeks, I have been using my Chromebook a lot, and because the Chromebooks' battery is good and its speakers are better than my smartphone's, I wanted to play my podcasts on the Chromebook, but I could not find a convenient solution to do it. The only possible way was to go to its podcast webpage, forward it until I reach the spot I stopped listening at on my smartphone, then do it again if I change computers at the library or just finish listening to a podcast. That wasn't really convenient. What I needed is something that would synchronize with my smartphone podcast player and automatically stream podcasts, so that if I am listening to Dan Carlin's Hardcore History in the bus, by the time I reach the library my smartphone app would have already synchronized itself with an online account that I could use on a website to keep listening to my podcast on my Chromebook. I discovered that this service actually exists and is called PODFY.

  Podfy is firstly a service, a website on the internet, allowing to search (through podfy's podcast engine), or add podcasts' URL directly. Once you add all your podcasts, the website will automatically show you latest updates, and if you choose a podcast, it will be directly streamed in the Podfy page. Now that your account is set, once your in front of your Chromebook (or other kind of laptop) you will just need to connect to your Podfy account, and directly stream your podcasts! You can log in with your Facebook or Google account too which will hopefully avoid you to learn another password. The website itself is not offering many services, except a simple playlist (that gets lost almost each time you disconnect).
  So now, you basically have an account, if you have an Android phone, you can actually go to the Playstore and download the Podfy Android app. To be quite clear from start, it is a bad podcasting app that only has one advantage: it can synchronize with your Podfy account, and automatically synchronizes your podcasts and even the last second you stopped listening at on your Chromebook, so that you can directly continue listening on your Android, right where you stopped. Also, the app is not free, on the European market, it is approximately 3€. Clearly, it's not worth it. The excellent Podcast Addict is free and so much better, however, you cannot have a Podcast Addict account to synchronize your podcast playlist with your computer, or internet account and that's Podfy's only advantage right now.
  So just try it!

And here is a list of podcasts I strongly recommend:

+podfy , @podfy